tourism as a chance for employment

Today’s industries need to hire young people to grow and compete in the marketplace, and young people desperately need jobs. The role of tourism becomes increasingly important considering that, by nature, it is a labour-intensive sector built primarily by SMEs, and it has high female and youth employment ratios. In times when unemployment rates have increased dramatically, evidence indicates that the travel and tourism sector remain one of the leading job creators both in Europe and worldwide. Yet, there is a significant mismatch between what companies need in their new hires and the lack of in-demand skills among the pool of potential recruits. Taking into account these facts, the Project partners have united to present this Project.

our mission

  • Providing pre-conditions for employment and self-employment of youth in the sector of Tourism;
  • Raising awareness of Tourism industry employers in regard of vulnerable groups members employment in order to decrease level of youth unemployment in Serbia.
Our trainings

tailor-made for market needs

new opportunities for young people

Faced with uncertainties at home, many Serbian youth contemplate exercising their newfound personal freedom by leaving the country in search of better educational and job opportunities abroad. To stem “youth flight,” we must provide their young people with opportunities at home for educational advancement (in both formal and informal settings), professional fulfillment and civic participation. This Project focuses on this priority: youth employment. Tourism is an important driver of economic and social development. This sector stimulates economic growth by generating income, employment, investment and exports. It also generates valuable spin-off benefits, including preservation of cultural heritage, improved infrastructure, local community facilities and stronger awareness of European citizenship. The size, scale, and rapid growth of the travel and tourism sector requires impactful and scalable solutions to this youth employment crisis. This sector is uniquely positioned to help lead those efforts. There are few industries whose resources, expertise, and career pathways are as relevant to addressing the challenges facing young people today, and whose business and expansion relies as heavily on a trained workforce in every region of the world.

Negotin has a great tourism potential. We have to make sure young people fit its needs adequately, in order to get and stay employed.

Honey&Wine Fair in Negotin
Beautiful nature around Negotin
Music Festival Days of Mokranjac in Negotin


Our main stakeholders are the branches of the National Employment Agency, local authorities, tourism sectorial agencies, so as CSR in Tourism industry. First two are our partners in the process of location and selection of the youth we will directly involve in the project activities. Other two stakeholders are involved in the process of including young people interested for working in the sector of tourism in the practical approach to this issue.

Partnership is one of the main principles in this project

Having in mind complexity of the issues addressed, the Project involves: local authorities from 8 municipalities in Serbia, National Employment Agency branches, tourism oriented companies, such as hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies and tourism organizations, necessary for the practical part of the education. 

Our Target Groups

Young unemployed people

from 8 locations in Serbia, min 200 people


from target municipalities

Youth with disabilities

from target municipalities

special attention to:

young women and vulnerable groups members

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This activity is part of the project "European Union Support to Active Youth Inclusion", total value of which is EUR 4.7 million, financed by the EU (IPA 2014) and co-funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Project is managed by the Ministry of Finance, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes (CFCU), while the main project institutional beneficiaries are the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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Youth in Tourism Industry